Sliding shelf for Champagne - Wood front, 6000 Series & Collection range

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Sliding shelf for 10 Champagne bottles – compatible with the 6000 series

This shelf facilitates individual access to Champagne bottles and allows 10 bottles to be displayed on one level. The Champagne shelf is designed for wines packaged in classic Champagne bottles. Many sparkling wines such as Clairette, Cerdon .. are also packaged in this type of bottle.
The Champagne shelf also works perfectly for large-diameter Burgundy bottles called "Grande Tradition" An area on the front of the shelf is dedicated to identifying your wine bottles.

You can use the paper labels provided with your shelf. Black tinted aluminium plates and a marker are also available for this shelf model.


Storage advice

Storage and preservation advice...

Did you know? All wines mature at the same temperature, whether underground or in an electric wine cabinet.

Maturing cabinets EuroCave reproduces all of the criteria required for effectively maturing wines, in this way recreating, on a smaller scale, the ideal storage conditions found in a natural cellar. 5 criteria are essential for a wine to reach its full potential:

A constant temperature - For optimal wine maturing, it is necessary to have a stable temperature of 10°C - 14°C, whatever the external temperature is.
Suitable humidity levels - It is essential to maintain suitable humidity levels, between 50 and 80%. The ideal humidity level is 50 - 80%. Below 50%, the cork could dry out causing the wine to leech out. Above 80%, condensation could appear on the bottles and the labels could peel off. Mould may even develop if there is insufficient air circulation.
Ideal ventilation - it is essential to ensure there is sufficient air circulation or mould and bacteria could develop.
Maximum protection from light - For optimal maturation, wine must be protected from all sources of light: only darkness prevents the deterioration of tannins by oxidation. Direct sunlight containing UV rays causes irreparable damage to wine. Indirect light is also harmful. In the long term, it can break down the structure of the wine and dilute it.
Absence of vibrations - In order to mature in optimal conditions, wine must be protected from vibrations, which break down the molecules of some of wine's chemical compounds.

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Main features
Dimensions H x W x D (mm)535 x 542
Item codeACHH
Warranty6 months parts
Weight (Kg)3
Type of productShelves
Interior layout
Shelf frontBeech
Maximum capacityUp to 10 bottles
Type of shelfSliding Shelves
Shelf materialBlack epoxy-coated steel

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