Nitrogen cylinder B5 1 m3, for wine by the glass dispensers

Nitrogen cylinder 0,9 m3, for wine by the glass dispensers VoV3 and VoV3e View larger



Accessory for wine by the glass dispensers Vin au Verre 8.0, V0V3 and V0V3e

The nitrogen cylinder that we have selected, sold by Air Liquide, ensures optimal operation of your EuroCave Professional Vin au Verre dispenser.
We recommend that you do not use any other type of gas without first having its properties validated by our technical services.

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The nitrogen offered is Aligal1, it is an inert gas, completely colourless and odourless.
It ensures impeccable protection of the open bottle and guarantees that the sensory qualities of the wine will be preserved for up to 3 weeks.
This technology is only suitable for "still" wine.

A 1 m3 cylinder can serve approximately 4,400 glasses measuring 12.5 cl.

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Data sheet

Main features
Dimensions H x W x D (mm)610x130x130
Warranty6 months parts
Type of productAccessories
Interior layout
Maximum capacityUp to 4 400 glasses of 12.5 cl

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6 month parts guarantee
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