[VIDEO REPORTAGE] Fabrice Sommier meets the michelin-starred chef, Clovis Khoury

Published : 10/19/2016 17:16:14

Clovis Khoury, the michelin-starred chef of "La Maison Clovis" in Lyon, talks about his experience with Wine Bar 2.0

The wine bar "Le Clo Bis" 

The wine bar "Clos Bis", which opened in 2014, is a wine bar in Lyon with an extensive wine list and sophisticated menu, just next door to Maison Clovis.
In this report, Clovis tells us about his establishment with its modern design, his cooking, which changes according to the season and his wine list which perfectly complements the dishes offered.
For serving wine, Clovis Khoury has equipped himself with two Wine Bar 2.0. appliances.
During his meeting with Fabrice Sommier, MOF Sommelier (France’s top sommelier) 2007, Chef Clovis explains that he chose this wine serving solution for its practicality: the bottles are at the correct temperature, you can present them to the customer and the appliance takes care of the rest with the air vacuum system.
He also emphasizes the benefits of this product which allows him to serve the wine at the customer’s table in order to retain a feeling of conviviality and complicity with the customer.
Above all, it allows him to upgrade his wine list thanks to the appliance’s ability to preserve open bottles for up to 10 days and in this way increase his wine turnover.

Clovis no longer hesitates to open bottles costing over €100 since he knows that they won’t be wasted…

With Wine Bar 2.0, emulate the actions of the sommelier for high quality service at the customer’s table.

Wine Bar 2.0 allows you to:
- Bring red and white wine to the correct temperature
- Preserve open bottles for up to 10 days*
- Showcase your wine offering
... in order to increase your turnover and guarantee customer satisfaction!


*the quality of wine preservation has been demonstrated by Institut de la Vigne et du Vin (Wine and Vine Institute) in Dijon.

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