WINE BAR 2.0 - the new 2 bottles wine by the glass serving system!

Published : 02/18/2016 17:56:09
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Preserve 2 open bottles (2 white, 2 red or 1 white and 1 red) for 10 days thanks to the ACTIV PROTECT air vacuum system, patented by EuroCave Professional.

Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven by Institut Universitaire de la Vigne et du Vin (wine and vine university institute) - University of Burgundy.

- Its high performance
- Its ease of use
- Its modularity
- Its design combined with its mood lighting

Following on from WINE BAR 8.0, EuroCave Professional has launched WINE BAR 2.0. It is lighter, more compact and more practical, and it is ideally suited to your wine by the glass offering.

Thanks to the ACTIV PROTECT air vacuum system, patented by EuroCave Professional, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically proven, EuroCave Professional has produced a wine by the glass serving solution which is easy to use, modular, attractive and high performance.

The two functions of WINE BAR 2.0 - bringing bottles to the correct serving temperature and storing 2 open bottles for up to 10 days*, make it the ideal solution for ensuring high quality wine by the glass service.

With no consumables, WINE BAR 2.0 is very appealing.

It was designed to be seen.
Its RGB LED multicolour lighting allows you to display your bottles; its remote control allows you to choose the desired mood.

And if you want to expand your wine by the glass offering, simply combine several WINE BAR 2.0 appliances side by side in order to offer 2, 4, 6... bottles.

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Wine Bar 2.0 - Wine by the glass - EuroCave Professional

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*according to the wine and its vintage