Our clients give us their point of view of EuroCave products and how it improved their way of working and developed their wine sales

They chose our solutions.

LE PROVENCAL - Miami Clos-bis - Lyon L’Auberge des Cimes - St Bonnet le Froid Peninsula - Paris ASADOR 44 - Cardiff Mercure - Paris Club Med - Valmorel Waterproef - NETHERLANDS Olden Hotel- SWITZERLAND LA CLOSERIE - Dijon

They shared their experience...

Duarte Carlos - Director ot Restaurant Operations

Our wine sales have nearly doubled over the same period last year under previous ownership. We knew coming in that as part of the renovation we needed to properly store and display the nearly 1800 bottles of wine that we had in inventory.
The EuroCave have been essential in achieving these results. We are extremely motivated and in the process of creating a wine list that is relevant and approachable.
We are meeting directly with producers to understand the story behind our wines.
Recently I met Fabrice Amiot from Domaine Guy Amiot et Fils and now proudly carry 3 of their selections.
The connection to the producers is essential for a wine retail approach that has a real value proposition.

Le Provencal restaurant - Miami - US. Display wine bottles increase wine sales.

LE CLOS-BIS - Lyon - France
Clovis Khoury, Michelin-starred chef of "La Maison Clovis"

The wine bar "Clos Bis", which opened in 2014, is a wine bar in Lyon with an extensive wine list and sophisticated menu, just next door to Maison Clovis.
In this report, Clovis tells us about his establishment with its modern design, his cooking, which changes according to the season and his wine list which perfectly complements the dishes offered.
For serving wine, Clovis Khoury has equipped himself with two Wine Bar 2.0 appliances.
During his meeting with Fabrice Sommier, MOF Sommelier (France’s top sommelier) 2007, Chef Clovis explains that he chose this wine serving solution for its practicality: the bottles are at the correct temperature, you can present them to the customer and the appliance takes care of the rest with the air vacuum system.
He also emphasizes the benefits of this product which allows him to serve the wine at the customer’s table in order to retain a feeling of conviviality and complicity with the customer.
Above all, it allows him to upgrade his wine list thanks to the appliance’s ability to preserve open bottles for up to 10 days and in this way increase his wine turnover.
Clovis no longer hesitates to open bottles costing over €100 since he knows that they won’t be wasted...

L'AUBERGE DES CÎMES - Saint Bonnet le Froid - France
Laurent Blanchon - Head sommelier

Régis Marcon, owner of the three Michelin-starred l’Auberge des Cimes, needs no introduction. Recently renovated, the establishment, in the hills of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, offers cuisine which is innovative, traditional and seasonal. Under the guidance of the head sommelier, Laurent Blanchon, the wine room recently had a facelift and has been fitted out entirely with EuroCave equipment.
 “Why choose EuroCave? Because it’s quite simply the gold standard for wine cabinets. They are attractive and functional every day in our establishment”, Laurent Blanchon spontaneously replied.

L’Auberge des Cimes - Wine room - Régis Marcon, Laurent Blanchon - A room dedicated to the wine preparation.

LE PENINSULA - Paris - France
Xavier Thuizat - Chef sommelier

Fabrice Sommier, EuroCave Ambassador and 2007 Best French Sommelier, went meet Xavier Thuizat, Head Sommelier of the prestigious luxury hotel, The Peninsula Paris (France).
The most recent Parisian luxury hotel invites us to discover a wine bottle’s journey from the moment it arrives in this amazing place: selection, storage, distribution of the wine into wine service cabinets for all the restaurants, personalized wine selection for the Presidential Suites...
Discover how the team of sommeliers uses our products on a daily basis to improve wine management and also wine service. An exceptional visit at the heart of a luxury hotel with their specific codes where, more than anywhere, the customer is at the center of attention.

> See more: The backstage of the Peninsula luxury hotel - Follow a wine bottle's journey at the heart of this magic place.

ASADOR 44 - Cardiff - United Kingdom
Owen Morgan - Director

We sought out the expertise and equipment of EuroCave for our latest restaurant in Cardiff, Asador 44, with the express aim of raising the level of wine service and storage to new heights in Wales. We wanted to curate a unique but manageable Spanish led list to be capable of being recognised as one of the UK's finest, and certainly like nothing Cardiff had seen before.

For that to happen, we needed the best kit.
Using EuroCave cabinets in the wine room and the EuroCave wine bar 8.0 for by the glass behind the bar, it was absolutely the right choice.
The performance of the equipment has been as expected, second to none. The wine bar cabinet has kept open bottles fresh and at service temperature without one single issue. It also helps that it looks great on the bar too

Without a doubt we will be using EuroCave for our next opening later on this year, in fact we have built designs around it.”

Asador 44 restaurant - Cardiff - United Kingdom. Integrated wine cabinet wine dispenser systeme in the wine bar, there are the performing EuroCave Professional solutions choose to offer an amazing wine list.

MERCURE - Porte de Vanves - PARIS - France
Yannick Legoff - F&B Manager

"For this new restaurant concept I wanted to emphasize wine.  It was also a question of pushing wine by the glass sales in order to make up for the drop in sales of half bottles.

Customer demand was also a decisive element: serving wine by the glass has become essential in terms of meeting our customers' requirements and responding to drinking trends.

We have changed the wine list itself to a higher quality version and changed the selection of products.
They are now higher quality than those offered before.  And, at the same time, we have increased prices by 1.50€ on average.
I am even thinking of offering a fine wine by the glass, I am sure that it would work, especially since there is no longer any risk of the wine oxidising too much and too quickly therefore all the more reason to try it!
What we didn't expect was the fact that we have developed an additional, completely new activity: selling wine by the glass as part of room service.  It is still too early to obtain concrete figures but room service sales of wine by the glass are considerable and this increases the bar's turnover.

Finally, the entire team is more interested in wine therefore we have created fact sheets with the sommelier so that everybody feels confident discussing wine with customers and advising them"

CLUB MED - Valmorel - France
Grégory Côme - Restaurants & Products Manager

"With our wine by the glass dispensers (VoV3e), we are meeting a major requirement of our customers.  In the bar or restaurant, advised by a sommelier, customers can now drink a fine wine or high quality local wine without having to buy an entire bottle.."

For us, it is also a question of increasing our sales: as our inclusive wine offering is already large and high quality, we had to offer an additional range available as an optional extra, high quality, attractive and easy for our customers to access.
In this establishment (Club Med Valmorel), 3 months after installing our new equipment and creating sommelier jobs, we have seen a 24% increase in our turnover!"

Club Med - Valmorel - France - Develop its offer of wine by the glass

Yves van Westreenen - Owner

"EuroCave created a room dedicated to wine for our restaurant, with clever storage and a very modern appearance.  I was very well supported during the project in terms of organising the space and meeting the requirements of my wine-loving customers.
The Modulosteel storage system is perfect for that !."

 ‘Waterproef’ restaurant - Netherlands - Wine tasting room

OLDEN HOTEL - Gstaad - Suisse
Ermes Elsener - Managing Director

"We wanted a designer wine cabinet to display our wine selection and make it more visible to customers.  They liked it and so did the staff - they love how it looks!
We have other EuroCave wine cabinets but this one is really eye-catching.  In fact, it's not a question of cost, it's simply a question of visibility!."

Hotel Olden - GSTAAD - Switzerland - How interior design and decoration can put forward the offer of wine

LA CLOSERIE - Dijon - France
Isabelle Gorecki - Gérante

Why did you choose the EuroCave brand?
I was looking for a black, elegant finish and above all no white or blue light. I had planned to have casing made by a joiner for the glasses and menus.
I liked EuroCave products because they meet these criteria, with the full glass doors and lighting which is not harmful to wine.

Are you happy with your EuroCave? Why? What benefits does it offer your establishment?
Yes, we have never had any problems with these products...
What I was looking for was something really eye-catching… these cabinets are in a reception area, where people are welcomed, wait and pay. And it’s a real point of interest for customers: incorporated into this fireplace, the cabinets are really eye-catching and attract the attention of our customers who are then interested in the fireplace of course and our great wines... since obviously we don’t just put any old bottles inside the cabinets and these bottles are then ordered at the table...

How would you describe your EuroCave product in just a few words?
I would say that it’s really “EYE-CATCHING”!

La Closerie restaurant - Dijon. Amazing wine cabinet show and can attract the attention on great crus.