Warranty & after-sales service

EuroCave, inventeur de la cave à vin fête ses 40 ans d'histoire.


To offer the best experience, the technical support is provided by professionals trained in the specific technical features of EuroCave products. All our distributors (over 70 countries) have a direct connection with these experts.

In the case of a proven fault, EuroCave undertakes to send the manufacturer's spare parts to your distributor. This service is your assurance that whatever country you are in, you will benefit from a fast and efficient after-sales service.

If you have a problem with one of our products, please contact your local distributor.


Only EuroCave distributors are authorised to carry out your EuroCave product.

10-year parts warranty* for the Royale.
5-year parts warranty* for the Revelation and Inspiration ranges.
2-year parts warranty* for the other wine cabinet ranges, Vin au Verre 8.0, Wine Bar 8.0 and Wine Bar 2.0, storage systems (Modulosteel, Modulorack, Modulocube and Modulothèque) and cellar conditioners.
2-year parts warranty* for Tête à Tête and Wine Art.

Warranty labor & travel time depend of your local EuroCave distributor.

Every EuroCave wine cabinet and cellar conditioner has an individual identification number which allows its origin and authenticity to be established.

* Details of additional guarantee offers can be found in the general terms of sale.