A unique expertise

EuroCave, inventeur de la cave à vin fête ses 40 ans d'histoire.

EuroCave’s history results from the desire to innovate in the pursuit of excellence

"We design the solutions that will allow you to share your know-how."


From the start, we have devoted ourselves to researching and developing long-lasting products for optimal wine maturing.

Our unique expertise and intimate knowledge of wine allow us to guarantee the best possible conditions for your wine by observing the 6 criteria essential for wine storage. Scientifically, this has resulted in many patents being filed and partnerships with prestigious research laboratories.


Ensuring the quality and reliability of all the wine cabinets leaving our production lines has always been EuroCave’s top priority.  We have total control of the process, from design to production, thanks to close collaboration between our factory, research and development centre and test laboratory.

To make our products even more effective, we scientifically test their performance.  To this end, EuroCave appointed a panel of experts to carry out a comparative study on vibration in wine cabinets and also to prove the effectiveness of its innovative Wine Art vacuum seal.


Ensuring that bottles are held securely inside the cabinet is an integral part of creating the perfect environment for maturing your wine.  Working with sommeliers gave us the idea for this bottle support, which we have patented.

The “sommelier’s hand” bottle support consists of a rigid structure to hold the bottle and a more flexible elastomer rim, which adapts to the shape of the bottle and protects it from vibration.