The brand

EuroCave, creator of the wine cabinet. For over 40 years, this specialist in wine maturing and serving has been offering its expertise to professionals and manufactures its wine cabinets, wine dispensers and wine by the glass serving machines at its factory in Northern France.

 EuroCave Professional, ergonomics and technical expertise specifically developed for your needs.

" We are both proud and honored to earn the trust and the friendship of the greatest Palaces and restaurants, worldwide."

EuroCave Professional, a brand dedicated to professionals, is the world’s gold standard for storing and serving wine for hotels, restaurants, wine merchants, wine bars and wine producers…our long-term partners. All of the brand’s products bring together recognized technical expertise and ergonomics, specifically optimised for professionals.

EuroCave’s range of professional appliances comprises of:

  • Wine cabinets for storing, serving and displaying your wine
  • Solutions for serving wine by the glass which preserve and effectively display your wine and develop wine turnover


Wine cabinets (sometimes called wine fridges), wine dispensers and wine by the glass serving machines, cellar conditioners, wine bottle storage and organisation, cigar humidors.

High-quality, long-lasting wine cabinets, storage, cellar conditioners and wine dispensers are the EuroCave brand's keywords.


Ensuring the quality and reliability of all the wine cabinets leaving our production lines has always been top priority.  We have total control of the process, from design to production, thanks to close collaboration between our factory, research and development centre and test laboratory.
EuroCave Professional guarantees optimal performance and durability of its wine serving and storing products.


EuroCave Professional product design focuses on ergonomics and elegance, with no compromise on technology.  Our products’ ergonomics are studied with sommeliers.  We strive to facilitate handling and above all protect the bottles.  Our engineers are designers, technicians and ergonomists.
The lines, shapes and materials convey our identity and the quality of our appliances whilst the choice of materials and colours creates an elegant setting which honours the wine.

EuroCave continues to innovate in designing its wine cabinets, storage solutions and cellar conditioners. Our engineering and design department designs ergonomic, high-tech and high-quality solutions.

Inspired by the expertise of sommeliers, the sommelier's hand is a bottle support which holds individual bottles on EuroCave's sliding shelves.


Ensuring that bottles are held securely inside the cabinet is an integral part of creating the perfect environment for maturing your wine.  Working with sommeliers gave us the idea for this bottle support, which we have patented.
The “sommelier’s hand” bottle support consists of a rigid structure to hold the bottle and a more flexible elastomer rim, which adapts to the shape of the bottle and protects it from vibration.



Benefit from direct contact with the brand via its customer service “hotline”.  Our representatives are specifically trained in the technical features of EuroCave Professional products to allow them to deal with queries quickly and efficiently.