Wine cabinets - 5000 series

5000 series - Flush-fitting wine cabinets

A compact range that encapsulates all of the brand’s technology and design expertise!

Owing to its compact dimensions, modular equipment and amber lighting, the 5000 Series will be your strongest ally for storing and serving your wine.

Flush-fitting cabinets that meet all of your professional requirements

Available in free-standing or flush-fitting version, the very specific dimensions of cabinets in the 5000 Series allow it to adapt to all spaces.
The front-vented system at the base of the cabinet has an air vent so there is no need to cut extra holes.
The 5000 Series is available in 2 sizes, in this way allowing you to store 38 – 1118 bottles.


Wine cabinet witch adapt to all spaces

Two functions: single or multi-temperature

Single-temperature cabinets offer the same advantages as a natural cellar and maintain a constant temperature of 10 - 14°C. Ideal for storing your finest wines. Set at serving temperature, they also allow you to store your Champagne, red, white and rosé wines at an ideal serving temperature.
Multi-temperature cabinets store red, rosé and white wines at an ideal serving temperature, all within the same cabinet. This range is based on a system in which the temperature is graduated from 5 - 22°C, covering up to 10 temperature zones.

Two functions

Modular, adaptable equipment

You can equip and modify your cabinet according to your requirements: maximise storage capacity, obtain better access and more effective storage of your bottles or focus on displaying your wine offering...
You can also choose to fit your cabinet with a glass door with black frame or a "Full Glass" door, according to the ambiance of your establishment.


5000 series - Flush-fitting wine cabinets

*Petit modèle uniquement. La version encastrable du grand modèle nécessite la mise en place d’un système d’évacuation de l’air par l’arrière (540mm minimum de longueur et 50mm minimum de largeur). 

Photo credits: Institut Paul Bocuse - Lyon, Makassar restaurant - Paris, Restaurant of the Sofitel hotel - Strasbourg