Wine by the glass system, Tête à Tête

Create a wine bar in your linving room in order to always have your wine bottles at the correct serving temperature when a friends come.

Be the perfect host by having wine ready to serve whatever the circumstances!

The very best option for both serving your fine wines and storing open bottles.

On the nose, wine which is too cold does not reveal its aromas, whilst in wine which is too warm, the alcohol is too pronounced.  In the mouth, wine served at an incorrect temperature will not reveal all of its flavours.  Tête à Tête allows you to always have 12 bottles at an ideal serving temperature.  It includes an innovative system which stores open bottles, by vacuum seal exclusive to EuroCave.

Tête à Tête, the wine by the glass solution, is at home in the most elegant of interiors thanks to its compact size and clean lines. Installed into a custom-made unit in a suite, Tête à Tête, which combines advanced technology and an attractive design, will delight even the most discerning of wine lovers.

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Technology which respects your wine, for an optimal serving experience.

- Tete à Tete offers a graduated temperature setting from 6°C at the bottom that is perfect for your White’s, Rose & Champagnes to a maximum of 22°C degrees for your Reds. A differential of 10°C is automatically set between the bottom and top temperature.
- The easy to use touch screen control allows you to accurately set your fines wines to the optimum conditions and to set the light.
- Optimal access and secure rest for your bottles thanks to the “Main du Sommelier”.

Bring bottles of red and/or white wine to the correct serving temperature.


Once opened wines biggest enemy is oxygen. This can cause your wine to Oxidize which can spoil its unique qualities.

- Vacuum seal exclusive to EuroCave which prevents Oxidization and allows you to store two open bottles* perfectly for up to 10 days**.
- 2 air vacuum heads, flexible for easy handling.

Your wine is protected from any risk of oxidation for few days.


Flush-fitting or free-standing, the Tête à Tête wine by the glass system is at home in the most elegant of interiors thanks to its compact size and clean lines.
- Warm amber lighting
- A Full Glass door to maximize transparency and a glass top cover for an elegant finish.  Flexible black handle.
- Functionnal storage: 10 bottles horizontally with 2 bottles vertically. All bottle holders can be adjusted in height to accommodate any bottle shape.

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Amber lighting, lines and elegant finish, wine bottles adapted storage. Create a design wine area with a mini-fridge in your hotel rooms or suite and keep your wine bottles at optimale tasting temperature, ready to serve.

* Except for champagne
**Depending on the type of wine and its vintage