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Wine by the glass service appliance

For serving wine by the glass at the customer’s table...

Discover the advantages of offering wine by the glass at your establishment and the EuroCave equipment that can help you with this approach.

Wine bars, restaurants, hotels
Do you know about Wine Bar, a product that can increase your wine by the glass offering?

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Wine Bar: the only solution that focuses on serving wine by the glass from the bottle

Wine Bar respects the tradition of serving wine at the customer’s table, ensuring a high-quality experience.
In this way, Wine Bar 2.0 and 8.0 contribute to providing high quality service, in the tradition of top sommeliers.
With its 2 independent compartments, Wine Bar offers 2 temperature zones to ensure that both your red and white wines are brought to an optimal serving temperature.

A wine service that respects the tradition of the most famous restaurants.

Ensure your best bottles are not wasted and increase your wine turnover!

With Wine Bar, open bottles are protected from oxidation for up to 10 days thanks to its air vacuum system.  You can therefore offer your customers a wide choice of wines by the glass, add to your wine list and upgrade your range, without the risk of losing your best bottles... You will be able to offer your finest wines!

Offering wine by the glass has never been easier!

With Wine Bar, the open bottle preservation system requires no consumables.  It is therefore extremely simple to use and maintain.
Handling bottles is quick and straightforward, making it very easy to use during service.

A quick and easy wine service with Wine Bar from EuroCave professional.

A 4-in-1 product to boost your wine by the glass sales!

Wine Bar - For client satisfaction, offer to your customer a wine at perfect serving temperature

Brings wine to the correct serving temperature
(2 temperatures possible)

For an opened bottles optimal preservation, use Wine Bar from EuroCave Professional.

Preserves open bottles
for up to 10 days with the air vacuum system

Wine Bar - Keep the tradition of sommelier tradition is important for a trust relationship with your cusomers.

Respects the tradition of sommeliers
Wine served at the customers’ table

Your wine service appliance fit perfectly in the interior design of your restaurant, wine bar or hotel.

Wines displayed and showcased

Wine Bar 2.0 or Wine Bar 8.0?
Two products to choose from, according to your requirements...

Wine by the glass service - Wine Bar 2.0 - Installation in the restaurant Victoire et Thomas, Lyon, France.


- 2 temperature compartments that can be set independently
- 2 open bottles preserved: 1 white/1 red or 2 whites or 2 reds
- Flexible, adapt your equipment to suit your activity: 2, 4, 6 bottles...

Service du vin au verre - Wine Bar 8.0 encastré - Installation at Hôtel de Crillon, Paris, France


- 2 separate compartments, which can be independently set
- 8 open bottles preserved
- Up to 8 spare bottles, already at the perfect serving temperature

Showcase your wines

The glass doors and lighting shades offer a modern setting for effectively displaying your best bottles in a reception area.

Show your best wine bottles and ensure your client that wine are perfectly preserved.

Video account of a restaurant owner

> Calculate your ROI with the 2-bottle version > Calculate your ROI with the 8-bottle version

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