Wine by the glass – bringing wine to the correct temperature and storing open bottles - 12 bottles - Tête à Tête



Wine by the glass system: the very best option for both serving fine wines and storing open bottles by vacuum seal exclusive to EuroCave, Full Glass door

Create a wine minibar for your hotel rooms.  It will delight even the most discerning of wine lovers.

Allowing 12 bottles including champagne to be stored at perfect serving temperature, Tête à Tête combines the very best in design & performance.

Fitted with 2 flexible air vacuum heads, this innovative wine by the glass serving machine also allows you to store 2 open bottles* for up to 10 days**, by protecting them from oxidization.

Temperature setting is easy thanks to a tactile control panel on the front with backlit keys.

*Except for champagne
**Depending on the type of wine and its vintage

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In flush fitting or free standing version, create your tasting space

Its clean lines, full glass door and amber lighting, which beautifully displays the bottles, make it a design feature to complement the most elegant of interiors.

Installed into a custom-made unit, at the end of a sofa or against a wall, Tête à Tête’s compact size means that it is at home in both hotel rooms and suites.

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Ideal wine serving

The serving temperature of wine is a key element for drinking and enjoying it in the best conditions.

On the nose, wine which is too cold does not reveal its aromas, whilst in wine which is too warm, the alcohol is too pronounced.  In the mouth, wine served at an incorrect temperature will not reveal all of its flavours.

The Tête à Tête wine by the glass serving system allows you to preserve 12 bottles at an ideal serving temperature.  It includes an innovative system which stores open bottles, by vacuum seal exclusive to EuroCave.

Wines & Temperatures

White wine serving Temperatures
-7-8°C : Simple Champagnes et sparkling wines, muscats, simple syrupy wines
- 9-10°C : Alsace late-harvest, sweet wines, light or acidic dry white wines
- 11-12°C : Dry white wines, medium-dry white wines (Vouvray, Pinot gris d'Alsace), Gewurztraminer, fine Champagnes, fine syrupy wines, Noble Grapes
- 13-14°C : High quality dry white wines, Vin Jaune and other oxidative styled wines
- 15-16°C : Aged wines

Rosé wine Temperatures
- 7-8°C : Simple rosé Champagnes and other sparkling rosés
- 9-10°C : Light rosés, quaffing wines
- 11-12°C Fine rosé champagnes, classic rosé wines
- 13-14°C :Bordeaux clarets, structured rosé wines, Burgundy rosés

Red wine Temperatures
- 11 - 12°C : light and fruity red wines
- 13 - 14°C : Beaujolais and low tannic wines, Banyuls and other Vin Doux Naturel
- 15 - 16°C : Burgundies, Rhône, Loire and medium-bodied red wines
- 17 - 18°C : Bordeaux and all the red wines with a good structure, Ports
- 19 - 20°C : Exceptional, developed wines

Did you know ? The ice bucket is perfect to keep the wine’s serving temperature during the meal or the tasting. However you do not refresh a wine with it, otherwise the drop in temperature will damage the flavours of your wine.

Data sheet

Main features
Weight (Kg)29
Cabinet body colourNero
Number of temperaturesMulti-temperature
RangeTête à tête
Item codeS-013;TPGV;D;NR;CO
Warranty2 years Parts
Function(s)Bring to serving temperature & preserve open bottles
SizeSmall model
Dimensions H x W x D (mm)850x297x462
Type of productWine by the glass solution
Door features
Handle typeBlack removable handle
Door detailsFull glass (no frame)
Door opening directionRight
Door typeGlass door
Reversible doorNo
Interior layout
Interior lightingYes
Type of interior lightingUpper lighting of the bottles (2 amber LEDs)
Maximum capacity12 bottles
Specific features
Temperature display typeTactile keyboard - Backlit keys
Humidity measurementNo
Adjustable feetYes - 2 adjustable feet in the front
Temperature setting range6-22°C (6 to 12°C for the bottom, 16-22°C for the top - A differential of 10°C between the top and the bottom)
Can be flush-fittedNo. This appliance is not designed to be used as a built-in appliance.
Regulation typeElectronic
Humidity displayNo
Operating temperature range18-30°C
Can be Built-inYes - according to the installation instructions*
Insulation Hot-cold technology
Cooling agentR134a
Insulation typePolyurethane foam (PU)
Cold air production technologyStatic cold air - compressor
Heat activation technologyAutomatic - Threshold : adjustable
Internal wallsStucco aluminum sheet
Warm air production technologyHeating resistance
Energy class
Sound emission (dB(A))36
Preservation of open bottles
Air vacuum systemYes

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